Welcome to Moguerza

Construcciones Moguerza, S.A., a construction sector leader ever since its foundation 988, thanks to its standards of quality, professionalism and dedication, develops solutions for any type of work, all while guaranteeing:

– Customer satisfaction.

Optimised work.

– Integrated services throughout the entire process.

Construcciones Moguerza has been rewarded for its work with the loyalty of our clients, many of whom continuously count on us, as they trust in our ability to do jobs that demand high qualifications and quality.

We always fully dedicate ourselves to the development of all work and promotions we handle by providing all the material and human resources needed. Thus, our specialists execute each job completely reliably irrespective of the technical difficulty involved and, when necessary, we rely on the best external partners.

Our work method guarantees constant supervision and communication between all of the company’s areas including management:

– We offer customised technical assistance from the very beginning of any project, managing both the technical and economic feasibility studies; and are available for our clients throughout the design phase to provide any assistance and advice they may need at any time.

– Likewise, we maintain fluid and direct contact with our clients to answer any questions, provide any information needed and ensure all subsequent project follow-up.

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