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DATA PROTECTION POLICY: Security and Confidentiality.

Pursuant to the provisions of the SPANISH ORGANIC LAW ON DATA PROTECTION 15/99 of 13 December (LOPD, as it is known by its Spanish acronym) and the new SPANISH LAW ON INFORMATION SOCIETY SERVICES AND ELECTRONIC COMMERCE 34/02 of 11 July (LSSICE, as it is known by its Spanish acronym), “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” hereby informs you that any personal data collected through any forms completed will be included in a file which is the exclusive property of “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” for the sole business purposes of creating a database of future candidates for job openings at “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.”. Only “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” will have access to such data and under no circumstance will they be assigned to any third party.

As the owner, “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.”, with a registered address at Paseo de la Chopera, nº 9 in Madrid, is the party responsible for the data file and hereby guarantees that the data collection and processing will be performed under security levels that prevent the loss or manipulation of the data and ensure confidential data processing.

All individuals have the rights of access, rectification and cancellation of their data, pursuant to the provisions of the LOPD. In order to exercise such rights, please write to “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A”., Paseo de la Chopera, nº 9 in Madrid.


These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “General Terms”) regulate the use of all services made available by “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.”, with a registered address at Paseo de la Chopera, nº 9 in Madrid, to users at the Website it owns, XXXX (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

Simply using this Website implies full acceptance without any reservations by the user of the General Terms which may be modified by “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” at any time. Moreover, users expressly submit to any special conditions, notices or instructional rules related to specific content or services referred to by these General Terms which may be communicated to them whenever the content thereof is not contradictory to these Terms.

“CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” offers free access for users of its Website to information and content related to its activities through direct exhibition at its Website or via technical mechanisms with links to other Internet sites.

Waiver of Liability for Website Functioning and Services.
“CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” reserves the right to cancel and/or modify these General Terms at any time without prior notification as well as any information, services and the characteristics of its products and services offered via the Website. Nonetheless, whenever possible, it will communicate any cancellation or modification in advance.

For the purposes of the foregoing, “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” shall not be liable for any damage or harm of any kind to the user which may be caused by said cancellations or modifications.

Product and Price Policy.
“CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” reserves the right to modify prices and specifications of products announced at the Website as necessary. Therefore, the information given on products, services, etc. is provided for general informational purposes only and is subject to change.

In view of the foregoing, “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” hereby warns that the information provided at the Website may be incomplete, outdated or incorrect. It will not be held directly or indirectly liable for any damages or harm deriving from such information. Notwithstanding and in an effort to prevent such damage or harm, “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” recommends verifying the information obtained from the Website in the places specified in each case.
Some of the services offered at the Website are only available after completing the registration process. For these purposes, said process is always considered completed by an individual with full capacity to operate either in his/her own name or through representation powers.

The user is the sole party liable for the veracity of the information he/she provides as well as for any engagement in fraudulent activities using his/her username and password. Therefore, the user is required to immediately report the possible existence of the unauthorised use of his/her username and/or password to “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.”.

Use of the Website and Services by Users.
The use of this Website for defamatory, harmful or illegal activities or any activities that breach proper customs and practices or which may offend or harm a third party is prohibited.

Likewise, altering or attempting to alter the functioning of this Website and accessing its database are prohibited.

Unless expressly, specifically and previously authorised by “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.”, users may not obtain or attempt to obtain any type of content accessible through the Website or the services offered by using any means other than provided for such purpose or those habitually used for such purpose with the Internet.

For the purposes of the foregoing, “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” reserves the right to exercise any legal actions it deems appropriate against those who make poor use and attack this Website and the information provided on it or through it.

Limitation of access.
“CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” reserves the right to prevent access by or expel anyone from the services of this website who makes poor use of them.

Exclusion of Guarantees and Liability Waiver in relation to Website Content.
“CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” does not control or guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the Website content or electronic documents and files stored which may alter the user’s computer system (software and hardware). For these purposes, “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” shall not be held liable for any damages or harm of any kind caused by them.

Waiver of Liability for Third-Party Content
“CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” is not directly or indirectly liable for any content, information, communication, opinion or statement of any kind that originates from a user or other person or entity external to the Company that is made known through the Website services.

Liability Waiver in relation to Content and Services hosted off the Website.
The Website offers users technical mechanisms through links to access other web pages or sites managed by third parties. “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” does not own them and does not market or offer the content and services they contain meaning it is not liable directly or indirectly for said web pages or sites.

The use of this Website implies knowledge that it may contain information, software, photos, graphics, music, sound, images and other materials and services supplied by “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” or under a licence by independent providers. All of this content is protected by intellectual and industrial property regulations as well as private property regulations.

For the purposes of the foregoing, the user may view the Website content and even print, copy and store it on their computer hard drive or on any other physical medium whenever used solely and exclusively for personal and private purposes. Therefore, any use for commercial purposes, distribution or modification, alteration or decompilation thereof without prior, written authorisation from “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.”, in which case the “Copyright” must remain intact at all times, is fully prohibited. Any use or modification of the content for any purpose not authorised will be considered a violation of international Copyright laws protecting copyrights.

Under no circumstance does access to the Website imply any type of waiver, transfer, licence or full or partial assignment of industrial and intellectual property rights to the content.

All trademarks mentioned on the Website are the property of their respective owners and the content and source thereof belongs to and is the responsibility of the legal authors. Therefore, “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” will not be liable under any circumstance for the accuracy and veracity or any poor use.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.
These General Terms are governed by Spanish law. “CONSTRUCCIONES MOGUERZA, S.A.” and the user expressly waive any other forum that would otherwise correspond by law and submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid for any dispute that may derive from the provision of the services subject of these General Terms.

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