Areas of Work

Areas of Work

The conservation of elements has allowed us to deepen our experience in the world of rehabilitation.

We minimise the impact of any construction work on schools by taking advantage of the outdoor areas.

Experts in the construction of underground car parks, both open air and under buildings.

We adjust our school remodelling plans to holiday periods in order to minimise any impact.

Construction of luxury homes with personalized design and adapted to our clients.

We handle all types of new construction work, which accounts for a high percentage of our business.

We manage the entire “turnkey” cycle: project, management, promotion and follow-up through completion.

We do remodelling and reform work with special characteristics requiring high levels of quality.

Our specialisation in consolidations for underground construction work qualifies us for any type of foundation underpinning.

Selective demolitions using specialised machinery in the open air or inside buildings.

We do many jobs involving water supply mains and telephone, electricity and other systems.

We develop the whole “turnkey”cycle: project, management, promotion and follow up until the end of the work.